Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Happy Holidays Everyone!
We are sending electronic greetings this year for a few reasons, mostly due to lack of time, but also in the effort to save paper and money in these "penny pinching" times.  Our lack of time is mostly due to our projects this month.  Ross has nearly finished the vegetable oil conversion on the diesel truck we bought this Fall.  Brigid is sewing all the children's gifts this year.  We have a grand total of ten nieces and nephews and they are all getting something homemade.  

Leila is getting some well deserved home made gifts as well.  (She has a precious baby doll that needs new clothes.)  At age 4, Leila is a real treasure to have around, loving, joyful, curious, and stubborn too.  She started going to ballet class this Fall and is enjoying every minute of it.  At home she loves to create works of art with her supplies, and other things she has found around the house.  She also loves to spend time in the kitchen with her mom and dad cooking.  And of course playing with her brother.  

  Fisher at age 1, will be lucky to get something homemade, and mostly he just would love some cookies anyways, so he is getting plenty of those.  He loves water and baths, crawling and tries to say the word 'Ball'.  He is a lot like his dad, up early in the morning, and enjoys digging in the dirt.  He will be running all around soon enough as his walking skills are improving by the day.

Ross is working very hard at the farm and is thankful to have a little time off now that things have slowed down.  It was a very busy summer. 

Brigid is filling her time as a stay at home mom, and as time permits volunteering for local organizations, reading, and making things from stuff she finds around the house.

I hope all of you are having a good time as Winter approaches, and best wishes for the new year.